Man Tackles Deer that Charged into Dick’s Sporting Goods

Man Tackles Deer that Charged into Dick’s Sporting Good

Deer Tackled in Dick's

A man tackled a live deer at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Reading, PA

Sometimes the day after Christmas can be as crazy of a shopping experience as Black Friday is and shoppers in Reading, Pennsylvania saw that this year when a Deer came crashing into a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. Continue Reading

Oldest Black Bear in the World Dies at 39

Worlds Oldest Black Bear Dies

Oldest Black Bear

World’s Oldest Black Bear Dies at age 39

The oldest black bear in the world known to man was found dead in August 2013 in Northern Minnesota. Continue Reading

Wisconsin Fisherman Catches Potential World Record Musky

Potential World Record Musky Caught & Released in Green Bay, WI

Back in May, a Wisconsin angler by the name of John Grover caught and released a fish that

World Record Musky

John Grover caught and released this potential world record musky in Green Bay, Wisconsin

potentially could have propelled him into the world record books. ON May 9, Grover was fishing for walleyes on the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin when he hooked onto something a little larger than what his 17 pound test fishing line usually handles. After an hour of fighting this massive fish, John hoisted a giant musky from the waters of the Fox. John landed the fish, measured it, took some pictures and then released it back into the water. Continue Reading