Sick of Ice Fishing? Get this Ship- Video

U.S. Coast Guard Ship Breaks up Great Lake Ice

If you are fed up with this winter and the ice on all of the lakes, then maybe you need to take notes from the U.S. Coast Guard. The Coast Guard ship, The Mackinaw, is an ice breaking ship that is used to break up the shipping lanes from Lake Superior to Lake Huron. The massive ship can break through ice over two feet thick so that ships can continue to deliver goods necessary for economic sustainment.

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Great Lakes are 78% frozen- Highest Since 1996

Three Quarters of the Great Lakes are Frozen

great lake ice

Three-quarters of the Great Lakes are covered by ice according to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

All of the cold weather and extreme polar vortexes around the country may have most people hunkering down indoors, but ice fisherman are thriving, especially in the Great Lakes. This year has produced exceptional ice on many lakes that fisherman may not normally have the chance to explore, including the Great Lakes. Three quarters (78.7%) of the Great Lakes are frozen this year, the highest percentage since 1996. Continue Reading