Trigger More “ice” Fish

Well-balanced Presentations Trigger More ‘Ice’ Fish

Role of the rod and line in ice-fishing success, plus late-ice tips

By: Dave Genz

This winter, we’ve focused on what Dave Genz considers the keys to presenting a bait to fish under the ice. About the effectiveness of horizontal jigs, knot positioning and cadence of the presentation. To tie a bow around the topic, a bit about the crucial role the rod and line play in your ability to execute the Genz pounding presentation and experiment with cadence.  Continue Reading

Fish Fry Goes To South Dakota

A Wisconsin Fish Fry Goes To South Dakota

“Here’s one,” I said as I pull back on my spinning rod. The rod is bent in half and the tip is plunging as a fish takes off. I turn the fish but it stays deep running again. I stop the fish, getting it coming back toward the boat.
“Need the net?” Doug asks.
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By: Kyle Sorensen

When the first layer of skim ice hits the local bays and ponds, I know it’s almost here.  The first hole I get to rip by hand lets me know I have been slacking off the last few months as the muscles in my arms begin to burn.  The burn is a good burn as I know I’m finally back out on the hard water. Continue Reading

Fresh Fish & Eggs- Your New Ice Fishing Breakfast

Fresh Fish & Eggs- Your New Ice Fishing Breakfast

Fish & Eggs breakfast

Fish and eggs is a great way to start any day ice fishing and tastes amazing

While most of the time when we are having a long day out on the ice, we tend to reach for the bacon, sausage and eggs, do your heart a favor and mix it up a little bit this weekend. Fresh fish and eggs is a very common breakfast all across the world and is not only really good, but good for you. We all love bacon (who doesn’t?) but every once in a while it’s great to catch a fish and fillet it on the ice only to have it in your belly minutes later. Check out these ingredients and directions on how to make a tasty fresh fish and eggs breakfast for your next ice fishing outing. Continue Reading

WI Sturgeon Season Kicks Off Saturday

Wisconsin Sturgeon Spearing Season Starts February 8, 2014

WI Sturgeon

The Lake Winnebago Sturgeon season kicks off on Saturday, February 8th

Clear water, thick ice and the anticipation of spearing an ancient fish await thousands of spear fishermen on Lake Winnebago in Oshhkosh, Fond du Lac and across the Fox Valley in Wisconsin this Saturday. Holes have been cut, game plans have been set and there are thousands of shanties out on the ice. Continue Reading

Salmon Leather Shoes- The Fish You Can Wear

Salmon Leather Shoes

Designer Steven Kerestegian is probably one of the most innovative designers and brings the use of Salmon and leftover skin to an entirely new level. The next time that you’re thinking of throwing away the skin on your filets, remember that there is a man from Chile that figured out a way to make leather out of them. Continue Reading

Monster Potential Record Crappie Caught & Released

Potential Record Crappie Caught by Ice Fishermen

State Record Black Crappie

Andy Moore caught and released this potential Nebraska state record black crappie

On December 15, 2013 Andy Moore may have caught a fish that would have propelled him into the record books, but he decided to make a short video and let it go so that someone else could enjoy it. Continue Reading

Top 5 Hardest Fighting Freshwater Fish

Hardest Fighting Freshwater Fish

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass are one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish

I just got back from a little weekend getaway with some friends up in Door County, Wisconsin where we did a little drinking, some relaxing and of course, some fishing. I’ve been up to the bay of Green Bay several times at Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek, WI so I knew where to go, and it payed off. Continue Reading