Spoiled Fawn Does Not Want to be Put Down VIDEO

Spoiled Fawn Wants a Belly Rub

Two power line workers in Kentucky stumbled across a trapped fawn earlier this month when they were working and wanted to help rescue the deer. They picked up the deer to move it out of harm’s way and when they did, they rubbed it’s belly to calm it down. Well, it turns out the deer enjoyed that belly rub a little too much. Click through to see how spoiled this fawn got. Continue Reading

Rare Black Fawn Photos- User Submission

Black Fawn

Rare Black Fawn

This rare black fawn was caught on camera. The fawn looks similar to a doberman

These photos were sent in by a user and we are glad that he did. This is a very rare black fawn. Similar to an albino, this deer is completely black and looks to have dark eyes as well. Continue Reading