High Country Elk

High Country Elk

For Your Next Out of State Adventure!

“Hang on a second and let me do a cow call before we clear the trees,” I suggested as the four of us neared the large park we agreed to check before we broke off into pairs for the days hunt.  The call had no sooner than left the tube when the first bull sounded off less than 200 yards away!  Continue Reading

Fall Crunch Time

Mason Crosby 

Crunch Time 

By: Chris Carns

On any given fall Sunday in Wisconsin (and across Packer Nation everywhere), it can happen.  “It” is the moment when all green and gold faithful take a collective breath and a pause from whatever it is they are doing-THIS IS IMPORTANT. Eating and drinking stop, plates are held in mid-air, and silence is golden…  the pressure is tangible as it emanates from 1265 Lombardi Ave in Green Bay…3 clicks left on the clock, the stadium is packed but is eerily silent…    Continue Reading

Giant New Mexico Bull Shot- User Submission

New Mexico 6X6 Bull Shot

Sacramento Mountain Outfitters Elk

Sam Wiersma shot this big 6X6 bull elk with Sacramento Mountain Outfitters out of Cloudcroft, New Mexico. It is his first bull elk

Sacramento Mountain Outfitters Cloudcroft, NM

Sam shot this giant Idaho bull on his first ever elk hunt last week Sunday with Sacramento Mountain Outfitters in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. The bull was shot in unit 34 and while it hasn’t been scored yet, looks to be right around 300 inches. Sam was in the middle of about 60 head of elk that were all within 100 yards when he put his arrow right through the heart of this bull with a 30 yard shot.  Continue Reading

Wisconsin Elk Hunt Will Not Happen in 2014

No Wisconsin Elk Hunt in 2014

No Wisconsin Elk Hunt

There will be no Wisconsin elk hunt in 2014 due to low numbers in the herd

There will be no Wisconsin elk hunt in 2014 due to the herd being too small and fragile according to wildlife officials. The announcement is another delay in the management plan that went into effect a decade ago. The laws in Wisconsin prohibit elk hunting until the herd surpasses 200 animals, but car accidents, and bear and wolf kills have deteriorated the herd. The elk population in Wisconsin is estimated to be at about 175 animals this spring after calving.  Continue Reading

Oregon Father/Son Elk Calling Duo Release App

New Elk Calling App

Elk Hunting App

The iCallElk App is an instructional application available on Apple devices to help hunters learn how to call in elk better.

A father and son elk calling duo who have both won big competitions for their skills have created and released a new app for Apple devices to help hunters improve their elk calling. Bryan Langley is a 2012 and 2013 Pro Division world elk-calling champion and his 15 year old son Brayden is a former Peewee Division elk-calling champion from McMinnville, Oregon. The duo teamed up to create an app for hunters to help them learn how to better produce elk sounds from various calls with instructions, sound clips and videos.   Continue Reading

What Affects the Timing of Deer Antler Drop

What Affects the Timing of Deer Antlers Shedding?

Bloody Deer Shed antler

Many Factors Affect the Timing of Deer Antlers Shedding

In our last post on shed hunting, we discussed several factors on when you should start shed hunting and as you can see, there are many variables to that.  After you figure out your area and when you need to get out to find sheds, it’s also a good idea to figure out what is most important to finding shed antlers, what affects the timing of antler drop? This debate has gone on for a long time, but there are proven factors that determine when bucks shed their antlers in the spring. Continue Reading

When Should I Start Shed Hunting?

When Should I Start Shed Hunting?

Shed Antler Pile

When Should You Start Looking for Shed Antlers?

It’s about that time. The time of year when you can’t stand to be inside any more and need to get outside and do something. I know most hunters and outdoorsman have the itch and the shed season for white tails and elk is underway. Continue Reading

Jimbo’s Jumbos- User Submission

Jimbo’s Jumbos- User Submission

Giant Elk & Deer Mounts

This MorningMoss user by the name of Jimbo submitted his mounts of a few of his trophies from just the past 2 years. Keep up the good work!

Reader and fan- Jimbo is showing off a few of his mounts from trophies that he’s managed to tag in the last two seasons. Continue Reading