Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunters Looking Forward to Record Duck Numbers in 2015

Wisconsin will have Record Duck Numbers in 2015 Waterfowl Season

WI Record Duck Numbers

Wisconsin duck and waterfowl hunters should have a banner year with duck population estimates up to the highest that they’ve been since 1955.

Wisconsin duck hunters have a lot to look forward to this fall and they should have plenty of shooting opportunities as well. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has estimated a population of 49.5 million ducks across the country and the northern states are going to get first crack at them. Continue Reading

Cool Duck Blind – User Submission

Cool Duck Blind – User Submission

Cool Duck Blind

Nick Hall hunted ducks out of this luxurious blind in Louisiana this past January

Nick Hall, friend of MorningMoss.com, had a successful hunt in Opelousas, Louisiana this past January. Continue Reading

How to Preserve Birds Before Taxidermy

How to Preserve Birds Before Taxidermy

Taxidermy birds

Preserve your birds to look their best with these taxidermy tips

With taxidermy becoming as expensive as it is (and for good reason) we want you to know exactly how to keep your trophy as perfect as possible before taking it to your taxidermist. Continue Reading

Get Ready for Opening Day of Duck Season

Opening Day Duck Hunt Tips

duck hunt

Opening day of duck hunting season is the perfect time to bag your limit of birds

Somewhere, sometime, in the middle of a hot, humid summer and early fall, lies the promise of cool mornings, big or little water holes and the sound of waterfowl wings. This, is the opening day of duck season. Continue Reading