Puddle Jump Ducks Without a Dog

Puddle Jump Ducks Without a Dog

Puddle Jump Ducks

Puddle Jumping ducks and waterfowl is a fun way to hunt without a dog and get exercise

Duck hunting is one of the most fun activities of the fall, but for those who don’t have dogs or are bored in the mid-day hours, there is a way to hunt and get some exercise. Continue Reading

Layout Duck Hunting

Layout Duck Hunting

By: Jim Klein

If one has never experienced layout boat hunting, it is definitely an experience that must go on the bucket list.  We hunt the Bay of Green Bay in layout boats for diver ducks. There is something about having ducks come barreling in at you a foot off the water.  It is truly something that must be seen to believe. Continue Reading

The Waterfowler

A Wisconsin Waterfowlerimg_20151007_092021

From divers to puddle ducks, Wisconsin offers a wide variety of ducks to chase, and I’m going to give you some tips on how I’m able to finish ducks in many different situations. These different types of ducks can be found from dry land fields to shallow marshes, or even out to the depths of the big lakes.  With each species targeted in a total different presentation and location, you could end up accumulating as much equipment as a farmer would have. Continue Reading

Cool Duck Blind – User Submission

Cool Duck Blind – User Submission

Cool Duck Blind

Nick Hall hunted ducks out of this luxurious blind in Louisiana this past January

Nick Hall, friend of MorningMoss.com, had a successful hunt in Opelousas, Louisiana this past January. Continue Reading

How to Preserve Birds Before Taxidermy

How to Preserve Birds Before Taxidermy

Taxidermy birds

Preserve your birds to look their best with these taxidermy tips

With taxidermy becoming as expensive as it is (and for good reason) we want you to know exactly how to keep your trophy as perfect as possible before taking it to your taxidermist. Continue Reading

Get Ready for Opening Day of Duck Season

Opening Day Duck Hunt Tips

duck hunt

Opening day of duck hunting season is the perfect time to bag your limit of birds

Somewhere, sometime, in the middle of a hot, humid summer and early fall, lies the promise of cool mornings, big or little water holes and the sound of waterfowl wings. This, is the opening day of duck season. Continue Reading