5 Things You May Not Have Known About Coyotes

5 Things You May Not Have Known About Coyotes

Things you may not know about coyotes

Coyotes may look like wolves but are quite different. They are one of the most clever animals out in the wild. Everyone knows that they have a heightened sense of smell and enjoy eating smaller animals like rabbits and other rodents. However, did you know that: Continue Reading

Calling in Late-Season Coyotes- Use the Howl

Using a Coyote Howl to Call in Late Season Coyotes

Coyote Howling Hunting Tips

Late season coyotes can be call shy and hard to hunt but an aggressive howl can bring them in running.

Coyote hunting is one of the most exciting hunts that you can do and now is the time of year to get going! Right now, coyotes are very vocal and you can capitalize on this to get more in range of your rifle. With the coyote breeding season coming, calling in a coyote is well within your grasp, so get out there and do it with these tips.  Continue Reading

Bone Chilling Coyote Howls on VIDEO

Bone Chilling Coyote Howls on VIDEO

The other night when I was out bow hunting I heard a large pack of coyotes howling and killing something. I never saw them but it was really loud and there were certainly some unpleasant noises. That got me thinking this week and I came across this video. The caller is set up on a chair in the woods and calls twice, while the first call didn’t get anythings attention, the second one definitely did. Listen to hear these chilling coyote howls erupt in the woods. Continue Reading

WI Morning Coyote Hunt Success- User Submission

WI Morning Coyote Hunt Success- User Submission


Dead Coyote

This MorningMoss user shot this coyote on a cold morning in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin predator hunter shot and killed this coyote that ran right into his call this past week. He was using a .243 rifle and put the coyote down with one shot at 150 yards! Wisconsin has a large predator population but they are becoming increasingly more difficult to hunt and kill. Continue Reading

Coyote Bullseye- User Submission

WI Hunter Kills Coyote Chasing Fawn

Coyote AR 15

The coyote was shot with an AR-15 in South Central Wisconsin

This hunter submitted his photos after he shot this coyote last night in a very interesting way. Continue Reading

Louisiana Black Coyote- User Submission

Black Coyote- User Submission

Black Coyote

JQ Austin shot this black coyote in Ethel, Louisiana in late October with a bow. What a trophy!

Louisiana Black Coyote Shot with Bow

JQ Austin shot this black coyote in Ethel, Louisiana with a bow in late October while bow hunting for deer. Continue Reading

Girl Attacked by Coyote in California

Coyote Attacks Child in California

Coyote Attack

Coyote attacks 2-year old girl in California cemetery

On July 18, 2013 a two-year old girl was attacked by none-other than a coyote at a cemetery in California. Klarissa Barrera was injured and had a 2 and a half inch gash on her calf after being attacked by a coyote in a cemetery in Orange County, CA while visiting the grave of a relative. Continue Reading