The Monster in the Pipes: a Look into What is Happening below Your Feet

High Capacity Wells in Wisconsin

High Capacity Wells Wisconsin

High capacity wells in Wisconsin could drastically affect water levels in your favorite streams and lakes

High Capacity Wells’ Effects on Water Levels

Most people probably do not realize the sheer volume of water that high capacity wells draw from the water table. The Wisconsin Administrative Code defines a high capacity well system as “one or more wells, drillholes or mineshafts on a property that have a combined approved pump capacity of 70 or more gallons per minute” (High Capacity Well Information). This is an astounding number. Many of these high capacity wells draw over one million gallons of water every year. This high volume of water must be replaced in order to keep a balance in the water levels of aquifers. Continue Reading

Building Duck Houses is a Great Conservation Activity

Building Duck Houses for Conservation

Building Duck Houses

Building duck houses can be a great conservation activity to improve habitat and hunting

If you have been looking to get more birds onto your land, or simply want to help ducks find better habitat, then building a duck house is a great activity to partake in. Building a duck house is not only fun, but it can be a great conservation tool that will bring more birds into your hunting ground and keep them there.  Continue Reading