15 Examples of Amazing Animal Camouflage

Animal Camouflage in Nature


Photographer Art Wolfe has spent the majority of his life capturing images of animals in their natural habitats.  However, Wolfe has taken a unique approach to his photography by attempting to feature creatures in such a way that they’re nearly impossible to see in his photos.  Never before have we seen a photo series highlight the truly magnificent ability of animals’ ability to blend in with their surroundings.

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Realtree Camo Shoes from Merrell

Realtree Camo Shoes from Merrell

Merrell Realtree Jungle Moc

The Merrell Realtree Jungle Moc is a great slip-on camo shoe for all occasions.

Are you sick of walking out to the mailbox in the morning in your bare feet? Or driving to your favorite hunting spot in sandals before switching to boots? Well there is now no need to worry again because Merrell has come out with shoes that are not only slip on, but are also Realtree camo. Continue Reading

Nike Air Max 90 Camo Sneakerboot

Camo Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot

Camo Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot

The Camo Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot is a great addition to any wardrobe

Nike just keeps coming up with new ways to make amazing shoes over and over again and the new Camo Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot in the Country Camo collection is no exception. Nike has the Country Camo collection as part of a way of honoring our nation’s veterans and we’re sure that a lot of hunters and outdoorsman will love these shoes as well. The Camo Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot looks like desert camo and will be a welcome addition to any veteran or outdoorsman’s sneaker closet. Continue Reading

Cabelas ColorPhase Camo- Cool New Product Technology

Cabelas ColorPhase Camo

Each year hundreds of hunting and fishing products are released into the market, but few have the chance to revolutionize or change the industry. Cabelas however has stepped it up a notch with their new ColorPhase camo product. To put it simply, this camouflage changes color based on temperature to reflect the correct color of the terrain you’re in. Mind Blown.

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Carhart Realtree Xtra Camo Active Jac- $100

Camo Carhartt Jacket

This year our favorite workwear and “beat the hell out of” clothing got even better, because it’s now available in camo. Carhartt has always been a staple of people who work the trades and love the outdoors and it’s also become extremely stylish. Carhartt has a line of clothing now available in Realtree Camo and we are sure that it’ll be some of the toughest hunter-wear in the woods. You can go right from chopping wood to bow hunting in your new camo Carhartt jacket. Check out your next stylish street jacket or camo workwear right here on Carhartt’s website. 

camo carhartt jacket

This Camo Carhartt Jacket with Realtree Xtra can stand up to all the abuse you put it through at work and in the woods.

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Kuiu Super Down Jacket Review

Kuiu Super Down Jacket Review

Hunters, fisherman and outdoorsman can battle the elements, but nobody likes to freeze their ass off. Being from Wisconsin, I know what it’s like to be cold and I’m always looking for the lightest, most comfortable clothes to keep me warm. Having something to wear that looks cool is always a plus and the Kuiu Super Down Jacket covers all of these requirements. Down is obviously one of the warmest things on the planet and the Kuiu Super Down Jacket comes with plenty of it. The jacket is light, comfortable and has an awesome camo pattern that will keep you hidden in the Midwest forests, Western plains and in the mountains.

kuiu super down jacket review

The Kuiu Super Down Jacket will keep you warm in all elements

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Cabelas Zonz Camo Clothing Video

Cabelas Zonz Camo Clothing

The new Cabelas Zonz Camo clothing and accessories are some of the most bad ass camo clothing that I’ve come across this year and they made a video with the help of some awesome photographers. If you’re looking to score some of the latest accessories and gear for any type of hunting, you need to check out the Cabelas Zonz camo clothing. You can find the latest zonz gear from Cabelas at www.cabelas.com/zonz Continue Reading

All-New Cabelas Zonz Camo Patterns Hit Stores

Cabelas Zonz Camo Patterns

Cabelas Zonz

Cabelas New Zonz camo out for 2013 is awesome and realistic

Cabelas is one of my favorite outdoor gear stores and they are always coming out with awesome shit to make my wallet lighter and my basement more cramped. The new Cabelas Zonz Camo patterns are no different and the full line of clothing that they come in is vast and real looking. Continue Reading

Nike Realtree Camo Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1 Realtree Camo

Hunters need the right footwear, but we all need to remember we’re not always out in the woods. When it’s time to cut loose a little and hit up the town or your nearest food establishment, Nike is hooking you up. Check out the latest Nike iD Air Force 1 in Realtree Camo. While you won’t find the Nike Realtree Camo Air Force One in any stores near you yet, you can design your own camo Nike AF1 here.

Nike Realtree Shoe

NIke Air Force 1 Realtree Camo

NIke Air Force 1 Realtree Camo

NIke Air Force 1 Realtree Camo

NIke Air Force 1 Realtree Camo Collection

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Fall 2013 Real Tree Collection- Herschel Bags

Herschel Supply Co. 2013 Fall Real Tree Collection

Realtree Camo Bags

Herschel Supply Co. offers Realtree Camo Bags

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