Cabelas Deluxe Cold Weather Socks

Cabelas Deluxe Cold Weather Socks

Warm Hunting Socks

These aren’t the socks in this photo, but it got your attention didn’t it?

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a sock junkie. I love new socks. Wool socks, cotton socks, moisture wicking socks. Any of them. It’s one of the best feelings when you can take a new pair out and wear them and it feels SO DAMN GOOD. Also good to note, my feet get cold really fast, so I like warm feet. Anyway, recently I stopped at Cabelas and I saw these socks on sale, so I bought them and they’re awesome. Continue Reading

Cabelas Zonz Camo Clothing Video

Cabelas Zonz Camo Clothing

The new Cabelas Zonz Camo clothing and accessories are some of the most bad ass camo clothing that I’ve come across this year and they made a video with the help of some awesome photographers. If you’re looking to score some of the latest accessories and gear for any type of hunting, you need to check out the Cabelas Zonz camo clothing. You can find the latest zonz gear from Cabelas at Continue Reading

All-New Cabelas Zonz Camo Patterns Hit Stores

Cabelas Zonz Camo Patterns

Cabelas Zonz

Cabelas New Zonz camo out for 2013 is awesome and realistic

Cabelas is one of my favorite outdoor gear stores and they are always coming out with awesome shit to make my wallet lighter and my basement more cramped. The new Cabelas Zonz Camo patterns are no different and the full line of clothing that they come in is vast and real looking. Continue Reading