It’s Worth the Wait

It’s Worth the Wait

By: Marc Drewek

It has always been my passion to travel and hunt as many places for Whitetail deer as possible. While searching the internet in 2000, I came across an outfitter out of Fairfield, Iowa. At that time I had no idea what caliber deer were in that state, I always thought of Iowa as a place to hunt Ring-necked Pheasants. Continue Reading

Put The Hunt back into Deer Hunting

Put The HUNT back into Deer Hunting

By: Rod Grimme

I started gun deer hunting in Wisconsin at age twelve in 1984.  It was the most exciting time of the year.  I looked forward to the oncoming season much like that of the coming of Christmas morning in my earlier years.  As the seasons passed and I grew older, my excitement and anticipation dwindled even though this was during the years of population booms and successful hunts.  The enthusiasm faded for gun hunting but returned as I became enamored with bowhunting.   I enjoyed the tranquility of the woods and the skills and patience needed to kill a buck.  The thought of heading to central Wisconsin for the opening weekend barrage of bullets and heading back Sunday night no longer held as much appeal. Continue Reading

Big Buck Down!

A Hunt To Remember!

By: Joe Jankowski


I slow my breath and concentrate so intensely as to see the individual hairs behind the shoulder of the animal.  My crosshairs settling in as I hold…one more easy exhale…The unknowing squirrel scurries across the branch and launches itself to the next oak.  I slowly hang my rifle back onto the holder and I ease myself back down onto the seat of my stand and finish the last couple bites of my lunch. Continue Reading

Big Bucks At Deer Camp

A Deer Camp Runs Through It

By: Chad Casonhunting-season-2012-030rev

It is Thanksgiving Morning, in the middle of Wisconsin’s nine-day gun deer season, and I am sitting in a two-seater tree stand with my twelve year-old son, Zach.  It is four degrees above zero.  It is snowing and there is a stiff twenty mile per hour wind blowing out of the northeast.  Factoring in the wind chill, the temperature is minus…………well, too freaking cold to be sitting in a tree stand.  Still, there is no place I would rather be right now. Continue Reading

A Buck Story

The Quality of the Experience

By: Larry Smithimg_1555

As the days get shorter and the temperaturesturn colder, this is a sign for many that one of the greatest times of year is upon us.  The Wisconsin archery season has many people, including myself, excited to hit the woods in search of that elusive trophy buck.  But it does not always have to end with the harvest of your target animal to be a quality experience. Continue Reading

Enormous Buck Shot by Crossbow in North Carolina

The 190+ inch buck is largest shot with archery equipment in NC

Steven Davis Buck

This buck shot in North Carolina by Steven Davis will likely be the largest buck ever shot with archery equipment in the state.

North Carolina Archery Record Buck

Steven Davis of Davidson County in the town of Welcome, North Carolina put his name in the record books when he shot what is likely to be the largest buck ever killed with archery equipment in the state of North Carolina. Davis’ buck looks to be right around 190 inches and sprouts a non-typical 5×5 frame with tons of stickers. With an inside spread of 20 inches and the longest tine at 14 inches, this buck is a monster all the way around. Continue Reading