End the Debate: What’s Better Fixed Blade or Mechanical Broadheads?

Fixed Blade Vs. Mechanical Broadheads

Fixed Blade Vs Mechanical Broadhead

A hot topic among bow hunters is the debate of what’s better, a fixed blade or mechanical broadhead? We answer that question today.

Should You Use Fixed Blade or Mechanical Broadheads?

Hunters and outdoorsman are notorious for wanting the latest innovations and equipment at their disposal, which is probably a good reason as to why the industry is booming. As a group, many people will try anything to find the best equipment and tackle for the job at hand. This has never been more true than for broadheads, and it also has never been debated more. Bowhunters are a group that need precision in nearly everything that they do and a broadhead is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Deciding whether or not to shoot fixed blade vs. mechanical broadheads is at the top of the list for bowhunters and you’ll find that each has their own pros and cons. Which one is the right broadhead choice for you? Find out now.  Continue Reading