Summertime Crappies

Into the Deep for Summertime Crappies and Bluegills

Consistent Panfish Action

By:  Dave Duwe

Maybe some of you can relate to this childhood memory.

My dad and I always went fishing in the shallow bays for bluegills in the spring.  We had a great time. As summer grew closer, we continued to fish those shallow bays and I always wondered, “What happened to the fish?”  The big bluegills became 3 to 4 inches by the middle of summer and we just thought the big fish weren’t biting. I guess we weren’t too good at figuring things out in those days. We just didn’t know how much we didn’t know! Continue Reading



By: Kyle Sorensen

When the first layer of skim ice hits the local bays and ponds, I know it’s almost here.  The first hole I get to rip by hand lets me know I have been slacking off the last few months as the muscles in my arms begin to burn.  The burn is a good burn as I know I’m finally back out on the hard water. Continue Reading