How Does your Dog Retrieve a Bird?

How Does your Dog Retrieve a Bird?

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First of all, I should explain myself a little better by starting with, “What are the different types of mouth a dog may have?”  The type of mouth plays a big part in how or if your dog carries the bird back to you on the retrieve and the delivery into hand. The different types of mouth can be broken down in to four categories.  The four distinctions are “soft mouth, hard mouth, sticky mouth, and freezing.”  A perfectly good retrieve is when a dog grabs a hold of the bird in the middle and with a good firm grip brings the bird back in a condition that is fit for the table. Continue Reading

Recognize Heat Stress In Your Hunting Dog

Prevent Heat Stress in a Hunting Dog

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How to Recognize Heat Stress in Your Hunting Dog
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There are plenty of hunting dog accessories on the market today for cold weather. Boots, leggings, vests and warmers are all used to keep your hunting buddy safe, but the cold is really the least of your dog’s worries. Continue Reading