Top 10 Biggest Pope and Young Typical Bucks of All Time

Top 10 Biggest Pope and Young Typical Bucks of All Time

Biggest Pope & Young Buck Ever Shot

For many hunters, there is nothing like a perfect typical buck. The symmetry and design of tall, wide antlers that are equal on either side is definitely a sight to behold. It’s really hard to find a giant typical, and even harder to kill one with a bow. The 10 bucks below are the top 10 biggest pope and young typical bucks of all time and their photos and stories are worth checking out. Continue Reading

What Affects the Timing of Deer Antler Drop

What Affects the Timing of Deer Antlers Shedding?

Bloody Deer Shed antler

Many Factors Affect the Timing of Deer Antlers Shedding

In our last post on shed hunting, we discussed several factors on when you should start shed hunting and as you can see, there are many variables to that.  After you figure out your area and when you need to get out to find sheds, it’s also a good idea to figure out what is most important to finding shed antlers, what affects the timing of antler drop? This debate has gone on for a long time, but there are proven factors that determine when bucks shed their antlers in the spring. Continue Reading

When Should I Start Shed Hunting?

When Should I Start Shed Hunting?

Shed Antler Pile

When Should You Start Looking for Shed Antlers?

It’s about that time. The time of year when you can’t stand to be inside any more and need to get outside and do something. I know most hunters and outdoorsman have the itch and the shed season for white tails and elk is underway. Continue Reading

Early Season Bow Hunt Success: Find Water

Early Season Bow Hunting Tips

Early Bow Hunt

The Key to Early Season Bow Hunting Success Is to Find Water

Bow seasons are upon us and all across the United States and Canada hunters are out in tree stands, in box blinds and stalking through rough terrain to kill big bucks. Continue Reading

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Rest Review

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Rest Review

Hunters and sportsman have been arguing for years about which products are best and what gives you the biggest advantage. From broad-heads to bows, outdoorsman have a tough time agreeing on what is the best equipment to use. Another problem that hunters have is going to “the next big thing”. Whether it’s the newest gadget or gear, many of us have a hard time passing it up. Continue Reading

White Knuckle Productions: Great Divide Trailer

White Knuckle Productions: The Great Divide Video

Deer Hunting Video

White Knuckle Production’s newest Video: “The Great Divide” is an awesome Deer Hunting Video

Todd Pringnitz is at it again, and he’s doing a great job. White Knuckle Productions is a do-it yourself White-tailed deer video company that produces quality videos of average guys and girls, shooting great bucks. Continue Reading