FishBrain App Predicts Hot Fishing Spots

Fishing App for your Phone

FishBrain App Review

The FishBrain app allows anglers to share their spots and collect data to help predict where the bite is going to be good next.

Apps are extremely handy. You can do almost anything on your phone now and having the apps can make your life easier or at least more entertaining. I’m always looking for cool hunting and fishing apps and recently, I’ve found a few that really seem to be onto something. One of these is the FishBrain app that compiles anglers various variables and puts them into a network to figure out where the bite is hot and what people are catching. This fishing app for your phone is a “social network” of fishermen that can theoretically predict where fish will be biting. Continue Reading

Deeper Fishfinder App

Deeper Fishfinder App

Deeper FishFinder App

The Deeper FishFinder app gives you a portable fish finder right on your phone or tablet

I always think hunting and fishing apps are incredibly behind most of the other applications on the market and have been waiting for something to really get my attention. The Deeper Fishfinder App has done that. This app is insanely cool and from all the reviews and comments on it, works very well. You’re going to take your phone with you fishing anyway, so you may as well make it useful, the Deeper Fishfinder App does that and much more. Continue Reading

Oregon Father/Son Elk Calling Duo Release App

New Elk Calling App

Elk Hunting App

The iCallElk App is an instructional application available on Apple devices to help hunters learn how to call in elk better.

A father and son elk calling duo who have both won big competitions for their skills have created and released a new app for Apple devices to help hunters improve their elk calling. Bryan Langley is a 2012 and 2013 Pro Division world elk-calling champion and his 15 year old son Brayden is a former Peewee Division elk-calling champion from McMinnville, Oregon. The duo teamed up to create an app for hunters to help them learn how to better produce elk sounds from various calls with instructions, sound clips and videos.   Continue Reading