There’s No Outdoor Comfort Like Sleeping on Air

SurvivalHax Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Review

Having a comfortable night’s sleep is priceless, especially in the mountains on a hunting or camping trip. The only issue, is hauling extra gear like an air mattress or heavy sleeping pads all that way. Sure, there are some ultra light sleeping pads out there, but do you really want to drop $200 on something like that? We say, test out the awesome SurvivalHax Sleeping pad that weighs less than two pounds and costs only $40 and use that extra cash to get out on another hunting trip.

Survival Hax Sleeping Pad Review

The SurvivalHax self-inflating sleeping bag is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is open the bag, remove the elastic strap, unfold the sleeping pad and unscrew the nozzle at the top. Once this nozzle is unscrewed, the pad will start to inflate on its own and will do so more when it’s unscrewed more. Simply lay on the bed and push air out or add more to your comfort level. You can blow more air into it to make it firmer.

Lightweight Sleeping Pad

Compact and lightweight are two of the major positives about this sleeping pad. The pad weighs only 1.7 pounds and when folded up is 10.6X5.9 inches. When it’s fully stretched out the pad 70.8X19.6 inches, great for almost any size sleeper.

Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Whether you’re going to be sleeping, resting or just using as a seat out in the woods, the SurvivalHax pad is essential to all of your adventures. Be sure to check out the video above to see some more great aspects of this amazing sleeping pad.

Best Camping Sleeping Pads For Cheap

You can purchase your very own self-inflating sleeping pad here for only $39.99.

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