Survival Strap Active Edge Bracelet Improves Shooting

Survival Strap Active Edge Bracelet

Active Edge Survival Bracelet Review

The Active Edge Survival Bracelet can help improve your physical fitness and shooting skills in the heat of the moment.

Imagine strapping a nylon bracelet around your wrist and automatically becoming a better shooter? This could be the case with the Survival Strap Active Edge bracelet. The Active Edge Survival Bracelet is made with InBalance Technology that can help improve flexibility, range of motion, strength, endurance and recovery. Get yours here

Bracelets to Improve Bloodflow

So how does this relate to hunting and shooting? The Active Edge Survival Bracelet can help regulate breathing by increasing oxygen intake with each breath. When you are wearing the Active Edge bracelet, you are reducing inflammation throughout the body, improving blood flow, improving sleep quality, increasing oxygen intake, increasing calorie burn, and increasing range of motion and grip strength. All of these can help you shoot better and perform better in the heat of the moment while hunting.

Active Edge Survival Bracelet

Active Edge Bracelets are built from authentic military-grade paracord. They can be unwound if you are ever in an emergency and the cord is rated to hold up to 550 pounds.

Paracord Survival Bracelet Review

Many people are wearing these survival bracelets, but why not add in the benefits of better physical fitness and mental state so that when you need to be at your best, you will be.

Made in USA

These survival straps are handmade in America and are can be purchased on the Active Edge website.

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