Summer is Preparation Season for Bow Hunters

Summer is Preparation Season for Bow Hunters

Summer Deer prep

Summer is the perfect season to get all the last minute details set for your upcoming bow season

The long summer days can be great for just kicking back and relaxing with a cold beverage in hand but for hunters it can be a great time for getting tasks done in the woods. I always feels like I can be doing something in the woods that will increase my chances at getting a crack at a great buck come fall and the summer is the time to do these things that put deer down in October and November.

Set Up Stands

If you didn’t have the time during the spring to set up all of your stands, or any of them, you still have time to do so. This time of year is perfect for setting up stands without alarming deer too much but getting them in as early as you can is very important.

Plant Food Plots

For those of you that plant food plots, you know that summer is the key to your plots success. If you haven’t already gotten your food plots in, make sure you do a late season one pronto, before it’s too late and the bucks are on your neighbors property this fall.

Summer Deer Scouting

Scouting for bucks is also critical. Patterning deer in the summer is far easier and some will even stay in the pattern during the early parts of bow season, as long as you don’t push them off. Shortly after that mature buck gets rid of his velvet, he will be begin to change the way he behaves and this can cause you to be two steps behind him. Some of your best chances at patterning a deer are during the first week or two of bow season and summer scouting can pay huge dividends here.

Summer Deer Scouting

Scout in summer to find the big bucks and learn their patters for the first few weeks of bow season

Mineral Stations for Deer

Mineral stations are always a good summer method for helping a buck get the essential nutrients he needs. A healthy buck equals a healthy set of antlers. These are also good for gathering deer into a certain area so you can take inventory with your trail cameras. Be sure to check your local regulations to see if this is legal in your area.

Deer mineral

Mineral licks are a great place to put trail cameras to take inventory of the bucks on your property

Prep Now, Kill Later

Be sure to take advantage of any free time you may have now during the summer to prepare for fall. It’s only two short months away from many bow seasons and you’re going to want to know you put in the time and effort now so that you can be holding a huge rack with your bow next to you.

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