Striker Brands – Ice Fishing Suits

Striker Brands – Ice Fishing Suits: Mother Nature has met her Match!

Striker Brands: Ice Fishing Apparel

Picture this…


“Today is the day! You’re getting out on the ice and you couldn’t be more excited! You have all your gear packed, food packed, coffee brewed, and are ready to get out and catch some fish. You want to get to the fishing spot you’ve been thinking about for the past month or so, so you leave far before the sun is up. Once you arrive at your destination you unload your necessities and make your way onto the frozen lake. You’re pulling a sled behind you, which is filled with everything you’ll need for the day. A huge smile spreads across your face as you continue to walk on the ice towards your fishing spot. The only thought going through your mind is how many fish you’ll catch and keep for a fish fry tonight, when suddenly one of your boots breaks through the ice. Without a second to react, your other boot breaks through causing your entire body to fall into the freezing depths of the lake.”

“Youth” Predator Ice Suit – heading to the lake

Has this happened to you or to someone that you know? If not, that’s a wonderful thing. Safety is an important component while out on the ice; it should be every anglers’ priority. The truth is, anyone can fall through the ice at any point of the season. If you’re sitting there thinking, “That’ll never happen to me!” Well, you better think again, because breaking through the ice can happen to anyone. I am writing to tell you why now is an excellent time to purchase an ice fishing suit that will save your life and can handle anything Mother Nature throws your way! This article will guide you through why Striker ice suits are preferred by many anglers season after season.


Striker Brands offer ice suits for men, women, and youth. The style featured below is the “Youth Predator” series. The bibs and jacket assure safety with “Sureflote” flotation technology and have several features that allow anglers to be successful out in the elements. The 100g Thermadex insulation and Hydrapore waterproof fabrication are the ultimate combination to keep an angler warm and comfortable. The warmth and waterproof features allow less layering underneath, which adds mobility and comfort while on the ice. The feature I highly value is the extra padding in the knees. As an angler who likes to be close to the action, as a fish nears the surface of a hole, I need bibs that offer comfort. The Predator bibs have saved me from bruised, wet knees and ice clumps stuck to my legs. Another aspect of these bibs includes the two large front pockets that zip and button shut, which keep items close and dry. Also, adjustable cuffs to shorten the length of the bibs as needed. The bibs can be put on and taken off without having to remove boots first. The zippers and buttons located on the outside of the legs easily glide up to the lower portion of the hips for easy on and off. Lastly, the jacket features waterproof, adjustable cuffs to help anglers maintain their warmth while out in the elements.



Outdoor Bound TV” Crew – Reviews

Striker Brands – Women’s Prism Ice Suit

Ali Juten, also known as “Ali Upnorth” – creator of Empower Outdoors Podcast and hunting Pro-Staff team member of Outdoor Bound Tv loves her Striker ice suit. While out on the ice she wears the Women’s Prism bibs and Jacket.


“I love that the whole suit has the Surefloat technology, which not only keeps me warm, but gives me a little peace of mind on the ice. But by far my favorite feature is the two zippers in the back of the bibs so I don’t have to take off my bibs to go to the bathroom! They were definitely thinking of lady anglers when they designed it.” – Ali Juten

Striker Brands – Men’s Hardwater Series Ice Suit

Kurt Walbeck, host of Outdoor Bound Tv, stays safe while out on the ice by wearing the Hardwater Striker Ice Suit. Kurt shared with me some of his favorite features from the Hardwater jacket and bibs…


1. Kurt is a relatively tall guy and his Striker ice suit fits perfectly to the length of his arms and legs. He also mentioned the ability to shorten the cuffs on the bibs for individuals that are not as tall.


2. Having a peace of mind is a wonderful thing while you’re out in the middle of a frozen lake. All Striker ice fishing suits are equipped with Surefloat technology, which Kurt spoke highly of. “You can never be too sure when you’re out on the ice.” The Surefloat technology has been proven to save lives –


3. The adjustable cuffs on the jacket offer “extra warmth for anglers, especially when riding on a snowmobile or four-wheeler to get to a fishing spot.” The cuffs are waterproof and keep out unnecessary wind and snow.


Striker Brands have created high quality ice fishing suits for men, women, and youth. The suits keep anglers safe, warm, and comfortable throughout the hardwater season! Striker Brands gear including: bibs, jackets, hats, gloves, and other apparel can be found at most outdoor retail stores. They also have a large selection of these items on their retail website –


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