Stay Positive Midwest! Summer Fishing is Coming Soon

Wisconsin Fisherman are Ready for Warm, Fishing Weather

WI Fisherman

Wisconsin Fisherman like the author in this article are ready to get out on the lakes without ice and start the warm, summer fishing season.

Warmer weather is just around the corner in Wisconsin….. Hopefully.  Like Many fishermen in the Northern Midwest, I’m ready to get out on the lake without some ice and launch the boats. Here in Wisconsin we still have snow in some areas, as well as plenty of ice on the northern lakes, and people are starting to get anxious, but don’t worry friends, the wait is getting shorter by the day. 

On Wisconsin’s East coast, bordering Lake Michigan, anglers are looking forward to getting out on the big lake. Angler Mitchell Cornils from Two Rivers Wisconsin is a die-hard fishermen whose family has been fishing Lake Michigan for three generations has had about enough of the ice and is looking forward to landing some big trout this year.

“I’m looking forward to going out and catching some trout this year, Cornils said.” “I plan on going out with my girl friends dad, who knows the lake very well, and also shares the same love for fishing as I do.”

For Mitch, like many that live and work along the waters of the great lakes, fishing is a family past time that he can share with his friends, family, and also gets him outside.

Mitch Cornils Fishing

Mitch Cornils is a die-hard fisherman who regularly gets out on Lake Michigan to Target Trout.

Mitch and I regularly go ice fishing together, but we can both agree that we’ve had enough of that and would like to move onto the open water.

There are many other people who share the same passion as Mitch and are more than ready get on those lakes. Cruising around in the boat with sunny skies, good people, and a cold beer are just around the corner and if we can all keep our heads up, we’ll be there soon enough.

Stay Positive Wisconsin and remember that winter is slowly dying down. Make sure that you send us your spring fishing catches and we’ll post them on the site.

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