The Difference is in the Rod: St. Croix is a Step Ahead of the Rest

St. Croix Rod Reviews

st croix rod reviews

Buying a St. Croix rod can show a fisherman just how many fish he’s been missing out on.

Since I was a kid, I have been making the yearly trip down the fishing rod aisle at the sporting goods store. My search was always for a rod that would hold up against a tough fish, yet show every sign of action from the fish. I tried everything, from the Ugly Stik, to the Berkeley Cherrywood, even to some more expensive models like the Fenwick. It was two years ago when I received my first St. Croix rod as a gift for Christmas. Since then, I have not had to make any further trips or purchases. I had always held off on buying a St. Croix rod because the price was a little out of my range (these rods retail at anywhere from $100-$400). It was a brutal wait until the ice thawed that spring and I was able to try out my present.
The results were amazing.

Most Sensitive Fishing Rods

st croix review

St. Croix Rod Reviews come in very positive because many fisherman love the sensitivity and feel of the rod.

The sensitivity of the St. Croix rod is unbelievable. I have used my 5’6” light action rod for everything from trout to bluegill and bass. What really made the difference stand out was when I began to the use the rod with the Wacky Worm rig to fish for bass. I was feeling bites and ticks on my line that I simply could not feel with other rods. I could even feel crappies that were biting at the worm, which can be almost impossible to feel with cheaper, lower-quality rods. The rod was extremely effective over the spring this year as well when I was fishing beds for bluegill. The sensitivity allowed me to feel the smallest nibbles on the bait, yielding many more fish than the anglers next to me on the boat. The rod allowed me to cast blindly and see with my fingers. I didn’t have to spot the fish on the bed…because I could feel slightest ticks with my bait quite a far distance from the boat. The rod has also worked great on numerous trout fishing trips, allowing me to cast smoothly and feel bites from under the overgrown grass edges.

St. Croix Rod Lifetime Warranty

Simply put, St. Croix rods are worth every penny. I have enjoyed my St. Croix Triumph, which is reasonably priced at around $100. I am also a big fan of the St. Croix Avid series, which retails slightly higher at around $140, and offers great sensitivity for panfishing. The Avid series, along with rods in that price range, offers a lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty is further assurance of the bargain you are getting with these Wisconsin-made rods. Consider making the switch and hitting the water with one of these rods soon…they will be sure to enhance your fishing fun, along with the number of fish you put in the basket.

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