SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses Review

SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses Review

SPY ROVER Sunglasses

SPY Optics continues to produce awesome frame and lens combinations for outdoor enthusiasts like the Rover sunglasses.

SPY Optics is no slouch when it comes to making heavy duty glasses that can withstand abuse in the outdoors. With the new “Happy Lens” Technology that improves the mood of the person wearing the glasses, the new SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses are durable, stylish and protective. We wanted to test out how well the lenses of the SPY Rovers helped us see (especially in water) and how well they protected our eyes. 

SPY Rover Sunglasses Review

SPY Optics Rover Review

The SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses are one of the clearest polarized, glass lens glasses that we’ve ever seen.

The look and feel of the Rover Sunglasses from SPY Optics is very lightweight but seems incredibly solid. They are built out of a plastic that is called Grilamid. The lenses that we have on the pair that we tried were glass, with the gray green color and they were polarized. These were also “Happy Lenses” which is SPY’s signature lens that supposedly filters out the bad light and lets in the good to improve your mood. We were very, very impressed with these lenses and how well they helped us see in the water.

SPY Optics Sunglasses Reviews

When we brought the SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses out on the water, we could see extremely well under the water. The polarized features are great and we’re sure this tool will help you catch more fish. The glasses even come with a carry sack that doubles as a lens wipe and a leash so that you won’t lose them if you fall overboard.

SPY Rover Polarized Glass Lenses

The real question is, do the Happy lenses work? I’m going to say yes on this one. While you won’t notice a change in mood immediately, you will notice that you forget you have these glasses on and your eyes feel great. This part certainly makes me happy! The blues are more blue, the colors are more vivid and your eyes do not hurt from strain or from looking at the water. I think these are some of the clearest glasses that I’ve ever had on and I noticed brighter and better colors with them.

SPY Rover Polarized Sunglasses

Most importantly, these glasses are comfortable and lightweight. The frames easily fit my face and contour to my head. While I do have a relatively small head, I think these glasses would be good for small to mid-size. I didn’t even realize I was wearing them at many times and the Rovers come in ANSI rated pairs too, so construction workers can have them on all day.

SPY Rover Happy Lens Sunglasses Review

You can buy your own pair of the SPY Optics Rover Sunglasses on their website here. They have many different colors and lens combos for you to choose from. They start at $110 and offer plastic and glass lenses with or without polarization.

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