Keep Your Eyeballs Safe with these ANSI Certified Sunglasses from SPY

SPY Optics ANSI Sunglasses

SPY ANSI Sunglasses Review

The SPY General Decoy ANSI sunglasses protect your eyes and look good in any situation.

Having sunglasses that look cool is important, but for many of us who work outside or have construction jobs, it is also imperative to keep our eyeballs safe. Luckily for us, SPY Optics offers some great ANSI Z87.1 certified lenses built to withstand just about anything.

What is ANSI Certified?

SPY General ANSI Review

The SPY General Decoy ANSI sunglasses come with an awesome camo pattern and are certified for high impact.

ANSI Certification means that these lenses were built for high mass impact resistance. This means that if something hard hits you in the face, like wood or concrete, the lenses won’t shatter. The frames are also certified and they won’t break in your face and cut you. All ANSI Z87.1 Certified glasses from SPY were tested with some crazy tests including have a 1/4 inch metal ball blasted at the lens at speeds of 100 mph. If that doesn’t tell you that these will protect your eyes, nothing will.

Spy General Decoy ANSI Certified

SPY Camo ANSI Sunglasses

These camouflage SPY sunglasses are ANSI certified to protect you.

We’ve featured the SPY General Decoy Sunglass review before and outdoorsman love these glasses. They are not only cool looking, but offer a wide lens that covers your eyes easily and keeps out any glare. These shades are the choice of Dale Earnhardt Jr. for his signature edition and who could blame him?

SPY General ANSI

These glasses have a plastic lens and frame and come with SPY’s patented Happy Lens. The Happy Lens gives you enhanced color vision and brings in more of the sun’s “good” rays while filtering out the “bad” rays. The lenses are also distortion free and some say the Happy Lens causes an uplift in mood and alertness.

SPY Quanta Realtree ANSI Certified

SPY Quanta ANSI Review

The SPY Quanta Decoy Sunglasses have a camo frame and orange lenses that look great for outdoorsmen.

The Quanta frame from SPY is a great frame for smaller and medium sized heads. This looks great and the SPY Quanta Realtree is very cool for hunters and outdoorsman. Orange lenses that will not break or shatter adorn the camouflage frames and give it a unique look.

Camo ANSI Certified Sunglasses

SPY ANSI Sunglasses

SPY Optics offers a full lineup of great looking sunglasses that are ANSI Z87.1 certified.

Quanta sunglasses are built out of high quality Grillamid and have rubber nose and temple tips on the glasses. The lenses are high impact polycarbonate lenses.

SPY Optics ANSI Certified

Camo ANSI Glasses

Check out all of SPY Optic’s ANSI Certified glasses.

You can see the entire lineup of SPY ANSI sunglasses on their website. The SPY General Decoy ANSI are available on Amazon as well. You can also purchase the SPY Quanta Realtree ANSI on Amazon.

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