SPY Optic Discord Decoy Review

SPY Optic Discord Decoy Review

SPY Discord Decoy Review

The SPY Optic Discord Decoy sunglasses are lined with Realtree camo trim and come with the SPY Happy Lenses.

Camo Wayfarer Sunglasses

Fashion forward glasses with a throwback to your favorite past time, the SPY Optic Discord Decoy has it all. These are wayfarer’esqu style sunglasses that come in matte black, but have Realtree camo trim on the interior and top of the frames. The lenses block out 100% of all UV light and are extremely clear. The lenses are also the patented Happy Lens from Spy, that lets in good light and improves your mood. We have to say, if you’re wearing these, you’re on the right track to a better mood. Check out the full SPY Discord Decoy sunglasses review or buy your pair here. 

SPY Discord Decoy Sunglasses Review

Camo Wayfarer sunglasses

The SPY Discord Decoy is a wayfarer style sunglass that comes in Realtree Camo.

They SPY Discord Sunglasses were inspired by a 1980’s theme that’s still rocking in style today. The Decoy glasses, pictured here, add a little flash of the Realtree camo along with a matte black frame that can be worn in a duck blind or with your favorite suit. We recommend in the woods and on the water.

SPY Camo Discord Sunglasses

The glasses are built really well from high quality Propionate, I’m not really sure what that is, but it seems like a hard plastic. Either way, I’ve dropped these a couple times and they’ve yet to scratch or dent so I personally know that they’ll last. The lenses block out 100% of UV light and I was really impressed with not only how bright you can see through them, but how much clearer everything looks.

Camo Sunglasses

The Discord Decoy camo sunglasses are very clear, high quality and stylish.

Realtree Camo Sunglasses

Hunters, outdoor lovers, fisherman and women and anyone else who wants to spruce up their style can benefit from the SPY Discord Decoy Sunglasses. These glasses are sharp and high quality and you can buy yours here on the SPY Website or on Amazon.

SPY Sunglasses Reviews

Right now you can win a free pair of SPY General sunglasses in Realtree camo too. Sign up here. 

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