SPY Angler Sunglasses Review

SPY Angler Pack Sunglasses

SPY Angler Sunglass Review

The SPY Angler Sunglasses come in polarized Happy Lenses and are great for fishing. Pictured are the Matte Black glasses with bronze happy lens

Having a good pair of polarized sunglasses is essential for any outdoorsman, but especially for fisherman and boaters. The marketplace is full of options and styles, but SPY Optics recently has joined in on the game by creating their Angler Pack, which are sunglasses designed for sport fisherman and people on the water. These sunglasses are not only stylish, but also very versatile and basically indestructible. The SPY Angler is the ultimate outdoor sunglass featuring the innovative SPY Happy Lens and Trident polarization. The SPY Angler Pack will be available soon at www.spyoptic.com.

SPY Fishing Sunglasses

SPY Fishing Sunglasses

If you need polarized fishing sunglasses that are stylish, then the Angler from SPY Optics would be a good fit. Pictured are the smoke torte colored glasses

As soon as I threw these shades on my face I knew that I was wearing a premium product. Having never owned a pair of polarized glasses, I was amazed at how clear and how the colors popped through the matte black Angler glasses with the Happy Bronze lens. I wore them for several days and never once felt uncomfortable or had any sort of sweat buildup on my nose or ears, which I’ve found is common in outdoor glasses.

SPY Happy Lens

SPY Happy Lens

SPY Optics developed the Happy Lens that brings in good blue long wave rays that make you feel better. The lenses also just kick ass for viewing anything.

The Happy Lens is unbelievable. I’m not going to lie, I was definitely a skeptic when it came to a lens that supposedly “allowed the sun’s good rays in that would create an uplift in mood,” but I really felt good wearing these. It could have just been the days, but these honestly help you keep a clear head and see better than ever. The Happy Lens from SPY Optics allow long-wave blue light into the viewers vision while blocking bad rays, short wave blue light and UV. Either way, if these lenses make you happy or not, they are killer for seeing underwater and fisherman are going to love them.

Cool Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Every fisherman and anyone that spends time on the water needs a pair of Polarized Fishing Sunglasses and these are multi-use for being outside and dressing up when the time comes for that.

My favorite feature on these polarized fishing sunglasses is the fact that they look awesome. I can wear these to the beach, on a boat, to a funeral or a wedding even. They look cool, which is hard to find in some outdoor apparel. SPY has got a handle on style and these will not disappoint anyone that’s trying to catch a big muskie and land a date at the same time.

Conway Bowman Approved

Conway Bowman Sunglasses

Conway Bowman, one of the world’s most renowned fly fisherman and sight fisherman uses the SPY Happy Lens and Angler glasses to catch big Mako Sharks.

Conway Bowman is one of the world’s most renowned fly fisherman and sight fisherman. He also uses the SPY Angler Sunglasses. If a guy that sight fishes for Mako sharks with a fly rod uses these glasses, then you know that they’ll work on your small lake for crappie and bluegill fishing. If you catch sharks on a fly rod, you’re a better man than me and you should also buy these cool glasses.

SPY Angler Sunglass Features

SPY Camo Sunglasses

All you hunters out there will be happy to see that yes, they do come in camo.

For those of you that want to see some of the down and dirty details of the sweet shades, you can check out the specs and features of the SPY Angler Sunglasses below.


SPY Angler Sunglass Review

The SPY Angler Sunglasses come in polarized Happy Lenses and are great for fishing. Pictured are the Matte Black glasses with bronze happy lens

• Built from virtually indestructible Grilamid® with polycarbonate (PC) 8×4-base toric lenses
• Available with the innovative SPY Happy Lens, a mood and color contrast enhancing lens technology
• Available with SPY’s Trident™ polarized technology, which blocks 99% of the sun’s glare
• Features Hytrel nose pads and temples tips that become tackier when wet to ensure a comfortable fit in all conditions
• Includes small opening at end of each temple for easy leash attachment


SPY Angler Features

Here are the SPY Angler Sunglass and Happy Lens features

• Black, with Happy Grey Green Lens – $99.95
• Black, with Happy Grey Green Polar Lens – $139.95
• Decoy, with Happy Bronze Polar w/Black Mirror Lens – $149.95
• Smoke Tort, with Happy Bronze w/Blue Spectra Lens – $109.95
• Matte Camo Tort, with Happy Bronze Lens – $99.95
• Matte Black, with Happy Bronze Polar w/Green Spectra Lens – $149.95
• Matte Black, with Happy Grey Green Lens -$99.95

Buy SPY Angler Sunglasses

If we haven’t yet convinced you of how much better you’ll be at fishing, being outside and life when you purchase these glasses, you should check out the video below. You can find your closest SPY sunglass retailer here on their site. 

SPY Happy Lens Video

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