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Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 Big Game Pack Review

Slumberjack bounty 2.0 review

The Slumberjack bounty 2.0 big game pack has over 4,932 cubic inches to carry your meat back in no time.

A backcountry hunt for elk, deer, bear, moose or other big game requires some essential gear and the capacity to haul it back safely. There are tons of options out there available for packing out big game and lots of great choices, but the Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 should be at the top of the list. The Bounty 2.0 is a 4932 cubic inch pack that can carry over 100 pounds of fresh meat and even comes with a detachable field pack for quick trips out of camp. For a pack with everything you’ll ever need, check out the Slumberjack Bounty 2.0

Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 Review

Slumberjack bounty 2.0 review

With a detachable day pack and an independent frame system, the Slumberjack bounty 2.0 meets all your needs for what you need in a big game pack.

High elevation and remote areas are not for the feint of heart. A large pack that can be used for multiple things and can hold plenty of gear and food is a necessity. The Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 can be adjusted to keep the weight tight against your back or you can even take the main bag away from the frame to use it as a frame hauler. A detachable field pack is a nice little addition so that you don’t need to bring additional things. This meat hauler backpack is a great addition to your hunting arsenal.

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Bounty 2.0 Big Game pack Review

Carrying a rifle is easy with the Bounty 2.0 pack and it can hold over 100 pounds of meat.

Sometimes when you’re out on a hunt, a solid gun rest can be tough to find. The Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 comes with a built in rifle shooting platform to stabilize shots in these situations. You can carry your rifle or bow on the pack and there are lots of pockets for all of your other hunting gear. The pack weighs 6 pounds, 15 ounces, so it’s not a super light one, but it is solid and durable. It is over 30 inches long, 19 inches wide and 12.5 inches deep.

Slumberjack Bounty Pack Review

Hauling out big game is a pain, but the Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 makes it easier. Loading over 100 pounds is a real possibility in this pack and it’s easily adjustable to carry it out without discomfort or injury. My favorite part about this pack is that when you take off the day pack, it has a compartment for a water bladder, a really great touch.

Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 Big Game Frame Pack

You can tell that Slumberjack put a lot of thought into this pack. The compartments are thoughtfully composed to make it easy to fit your rifles, binos and scope in and everything is easy to get to. The meat packs in nicely with the weight distributed in the right places. It’s hard to judge a pack without seeing it, but when this things is loaded up, it really feels solid. Competitive big game packs weigh in at or near 10 pounds and shaving this down to 7 pounds is a real positive thing.

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The Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 is worth a look if you’re in the market for a great big game pack. The Kryptek camo patter is great for the mountains of the American West and this pack is worth every penny. At only $299 you will get your money’s worth on your first elk and your back will thank you.

Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 Frame Pack Review

Buy the Slumberjack Bounty 2.0 big game pack on their website here. You can also check out some of their other great hunting game packs.

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