Six Things to Consider When Hunting on Horseback

Six Things to Consider When Hunting on Horseback

Horses have been used in almost every aspect of life for centuries. They have pulled ploughs and
carts, fought in wars, patrolled streets during riots, ran in races, and so many more. They have also been involved in hunting.

For hunting, they are used in many ways. They are ridden for long distances for either a single day hunt or for a week-long trip. They have been used for the retrieval of game since the early days of hunting.

Almost all rules of hunting are the same no matter what method you use, but there are still some aspects that you should consider before you decide to hunt on horseback.

1. The Time of Year

The time of year that you decide to go hunting not only has a huge impact on what you decide to hunt; it will also affect whether or not a horse can be used during the hunt.

Hunting on horseback typically does not occur during the warmer months. The terrain is harder to navigate over and the heat can be uncomfortable for the horse. Because of this, you should consider hunting during the colder months.

2. The Terrain

Not all terrain is easy to navigate on horseback. If you plan to hunt in mountainous areas or areaswith steep inclines, a horse might not always be a good choice. Horses can often suit different terrains depending on how they are ridden, so you must research how to safely navigate different trails.

If you plan to hunt in areas that are muddy or have lots of thick brush, the horse can slip and fall or even become stuck. You have to know the terrain to know which hunting methods will work best.

3. The Type of Game to Be Hunted

The type of game to be hunted will also have an impact on whether or not a horse should be used. Deer, for example, are a relatively large animal. There is potential for difficulty if a horse were to carry a deer for longer distance. This also depends on the size of the horse. Small game, like rabbits and squirrels, can be easily carried on horseback.

4. The Horse Being Used

The horse that is being used also has a huge impact on whether or not it is a good idea to hunt on horseback. Horses come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, depending on their breed. If the horse is trained to hunt, then the answer is yes. If the horse is not trained, then the answer is definitely no.

Some hunters train their own horses if they are planning to use one to go hunting. Most big game hunters will hire a professional to train the horse for them. This has a big impact of whether or not the horse is likely to spook during a hunt. The ability of a horse to stay calm is very important. If a horse is spooked, it can take off in a direction that you didn’t intend. This could take you away from the game you are hunting or lead you into an area where you don’t want to be. There is also risk of injury to you, the horse, and others around the horse when it is spooked. But, before you even decide on a horse, you must know what you will be using it for and what terrain that you will be using it in, as previously mentioned.

5. The Equipment Needed

What gear you take and use needs to be planned out to ensure you and the horse are kept safe. This
does not only apply to the gun you will be using, although the gun you use will need to:
Be light enough to carry
Be accurate and able to reach the target from a long distance
Have a scope and long barrel

Have a smooth action and no kickback
There is a variety of equipment you will need for the horse, too, including horse reins, a saddle, the bridle and bit. Depending on how long you plan to be away, you might need to pack food for the horse and yourself.

6. Safety

Safety should always be a priority. Before you even decide to hunt on horseback, you should do a lot of research. Talk to people who have used horses in their hunts before, learn from them. Look into where you want to go hunting, read up on the laws that area has on hunting and whether or not people have hunted on horseback there before.
You can never know too much about the land you are going to be hunting in. If you are going to be riding your horse in an area with a lot of traffic, then you need to be careful. You should be aware of the traffic laws in your area; you must be sure to follow them. It is also important that you know how to ride a horse. The more prepared you are, the more likely you will be to have a successful hunt.

To Sum Up

If you plan to hunt on horseback, you need to know the terrain you are going to be hunting in. You also need to know the type of game you are going to be hunting and the horse that you will be using. You will also need to be aware of the gear you will need and how to keep yourself and the horse safe.

Hunting on horseback can be an enjoyable way to hunt. You might consider it for your next hunting

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