Sitka Men’s Traverse Beanie Review

Sitka Men’s Traverse Beanie Review

Sitka traverse beanie

The Sitka Traverse Beanie is a great addition to your hunting apparel and will keep your head warm and dry

If you’re someone who hunts out west, or just wants a quality warm beanie, then the Sitka Men’s Traverse beanie is the hunting hat for you. Sitka makes some of the best in today’s hunting apparel and it’s been proven to withstand any weather and last a long time. The Traverse Beanie is warm, light and will work wonders whether you’re sitting in a tree stand or climbing up a mountain. Check out the Sitka Men’s Traverse Beanie here on their site.

sitka Traverse beanie optifade forest

Sitka Traverse Beanie Hat

The Sitka Traverse Beanie is a great addition to anyone’s hunting apparel arsenal because it works in so many different weather situations. While it may not be the warmest beanie on the market, it’s sure to keep your head warm and will wick away moisture and sweat if you’re moving around. Tree stand hunters will find it will keep them warm in cool to colder weather and it’s perfect for turkey hunting where the mornings are cold too.

Sitka waterfowl beanie

The Sitka Traverse Beanie comes in many different colors such as Ash, Optifade Forest, Optifade Open Country and Waterfowl. The Waterfowl color is awesome looking and this hat wont rip with marsh grass that any waterfowl hunter is sure to encounter.

If you’re looking for a beanie that you can wear on the street or in the stand, then check out the Sitka Traverse beanie. If you’re looking for the latest news on hunting gear, then follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter. 


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