Sitka Game of Inches Film

Sitka Game of Inches Film

Sitka game of inches video

The Sitka film, “Game of Inches” challenges the outdoor community to consider the values we have put into deer hunting.

Sitka has a reputation for making cool, bad ass videos and it looks like they’re at it again. Their new video, “Game of Inches,” focuses on some of biggest issues deer hunters face today and what we are actually hunting? The last 10-15 years has really changed hunting as a sport. Land is being lost very fast and hunters are spending more and more money to shoot bigger and “better” deer. Sitka focuses on what is truly important.

The new film “Game of Inches” was produced by the production company Rockhouse Media for Sitka Films. The trailer looks awesome and is sure to get hunters thinking about the upcoming season. With amazing videography and an exceptional plot, this film is not going to disappoint anyone interested in hunting.

The full video is going to premier this summer on the Hunting Film Tour, but you can check out the trailer below.

Per Official Release:

“This film highlights the essence of the great sport of deer hunting and challenges the outdoor community to reconsider their values when it comes to the hunt.

Join Dusty Lutt and Aaron Hitchins as they give archery hunting for whitetails the respect that it so richly deserves. Game of Inches is a film dedicated to illustrating the many ways success can be measured in the field and diffusing the egos that plagues our sport industry.  With dwindling land access for the average hunter, the time is now to stand up as a community of sportsmen and ask what it is what we are truly hunting for. “

New Sitka Deer Hunting Video

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