Sitka Flash 20 Pack Review

Sitka Backpack Review: Flash 20

Sitka Flash 20 Pack

Sitka has long been in the business of making clothing that not only looks bad ass, but performs better than anything else on the market. Their lineup of hunting clothing, layer clothing, accessories and backpacks are beyond anything that I’ve ever used. The Sitka Flash 20 Pack is one of their most popular bags and has enough storage for your water bladder and equipment that you’ll need in the mountains for days on end. The Sitka Flash 20 Pack was designed for extended day trips and offers 2,000 cubic inches of space. The back is made of mesh, so when the weather gets warm, your back will stay cool. It also comes with a gun or bow harness system to carry your gear so that your arms stay free.

The Hydration compatible pack comes in Optifade camo and can be had for $299 at Sitka Gear’s website. The Sitka Flash 20 Pack is an awesome backpack for scouting and moving to and from tree stands. The side straps are able to be removed so that if you carry a sidearm, they won’t get in the way. The side pockets are large enough to hold a 40 ounce Nalgene bottle on each side as well, if you choose to not use the storage hydration bladder.

Check out Sitka Gear’s full line of hunting and hiking backpacks here and let us know how you like your Sitka packs.

Hunting and Hiking Backpack

Hunting Hiking Bag

The hunting and hiking backpack looks great and is tough enough to last forever

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