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Hunting is complicated enough without hunters making it tougher on themselves. Simplify it and experience more success.

Recently I have listening to several podcasts by Randy Newberg, an elk hunter with his own TV show “Fresh Tracks” and I kept hearing a common theme, keeping things simple. It didn’t really hit me right away but after a while I started thinking about it and keeping things simple when hunting is really one of the only ways to be successful.

When you’re hunting, you have so many factors that you can’t control. Weather, wind speed, wind direction, which way the animals go, but what you can control is how you respond to these situations and what situations you put yourself in. One of the easiest ways to simplify is to know that you need to do what is necessary to kill that animal. For instance, if you know the elk are way back in the mountains, you are going to have to walk to them, with the wind in your face so you don’t tip them off. Simple right? Well, maybe not but you get the idea.

Deer hunting in the Midwest can be challenging, but a few simple tweaks can put you in a much better spot. First off, play the wind. Don’t set up with your scent blowing in a bedding area. Secondly, you can’t kill anything when you’re on the couch. You need to be out hunting and you are giving yourself a chance. Dress appropriately. Cold or wet weather can kill any hunt and dressing for the right weather is imperative.

Think about all of these things the next time you’re scrutinizing yourself or your hunting experiences. You probably are overthinking it. Most animals care about food, sleep and survival. If you can figure out where they eat and sleep, you can kill them.

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PJ Cashman

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