Simple Outdoor Activities That are Far More Exciting Than it Looks

Simple Outdoor Activities That are Far More Exciting Than it Looks


The vast majority of people these days stay indoors most of the time. This is no longer a surprise considering the fact that mobile gadgets and internet connectivity provides all forms of entertainment right at one’s fingertips. Unfortunately, these gadgets do not offer the same benefits that one can get by spending some time outdoors. On the other hand, if you claim to be the kind of person who loves the outdoors and that you have already tried almost every outdoor activity, wait until you have read the following. Below is a list of outdoor activities that are far more exciting than it looks. 

Treasure Hunting

A treasure-hunting activity is another exciting outdoor activity and more so if you have your own metal detector. This outdoor activity is best done in places identified to have as gold or silver coins. One of the 5 Best Metal Detectors for Coins in 2020 – Metal Detector Lab is an ideal choice for a treasure hunting activity. The thrill of treasure hunting can indeed consume an individual over time and before you know it, you’ve already spent several hours hunting for the treasure coins. This is true especially if you have the best detector, each sound of its signal would definitely send your heart skipping a beat. 

Making a Giant Jenga Yard Game

A giant jenga yard game can be a wonderful outdoor activity. But, wouldn’t it be more fun if everyone works together in building its giant pieces?  If one person works on these giant pieces, it may take two hours, so it would take less time if more people are joining hands towards finishing it. Although it’s okay if you don’t sand each piece because this is perhaps the most tedious part. But, not sanding it would mean you become at risk for splinters. Besides, sanding each piece would make it slide more easily. So, go ahead and buy some 2”x4” boards. If you want your jenga tower super high, you may have five boards so you can make 60 pieces. Get your eye protection because it’s definitely going to be a messy activity!



Geocaching is a modern version of treasure hunting. This is when people will use an app for locating caches that were placed by other people. Once they find these caches, they can write their names on it. Others also prefer to leave small tokens. This outdoor game is an exciting way to encourage your kids to go outside and learn about navigation. To start, you have to create an account at Then, check out the map to see if there are geocaching sites near you. With the coordinates provided, you can find the hidden treasure with the help of your smartphone GPS. 

Kite Buggying

Kite buggying is sometimes referred to as buggy kiting. Others have also called this outdoor activity as power kiting. This type of power kiting is a variation of a sport that requires power kites that are inflatable. These so-called buggies are 3-wheeled vehicles that do not have any engine. The rider will sit down on this buggy while flying a kite. Kiters need to make sure that they choose a kite that is appropriate for their weight. The state of the current winds must be taken into consideration when choosing  a kite. 


Miniature Golfing

Miniature golfing can be done right in your own backyard. You can call a company who installs backyard golf courses or you can choose to buy a golf course set, that is, if you and your kids are happy with those kiddy mini golf courses that you can put outdoors. The best thing about it is that you will have complete control as to how you want your course to be designed. You can also update it whenever you want to. When the mini golf course is right in your own yard, you do not have to worry about violating any golf etiquette. You have the option to use green felt or real grass. You’re lucky if your yard already has some nice patches of self-grow grass because you can quickly make a course out of it. 

Axe Throwing

This outdoor activity is not just for hipsters or for bearded grownups. But, today, even kids are also catching on in this kind of outdoor activity. The number of people lining up just to be able to throw tomahawks at targets is increasing. This activity is pretty much like Canada’s clacking croquet balls around during a salad day. But, this time you are going to hurl axes and aim it towards wooden targets. Axe throwing can be done by adults, teenagers and children for as long as their parents are there to supervise them. The truth is that axe throwing is no easy feat. But, hey, you’re just going to do it for fun,right? So, it doesn’t matter where your axe landed after throwing it. Keep playing. Keep practicing. 

Wild Swimming

Wild swimming is a term used to describe an outdoor swimming activity done in a natural pool of water. This could be done in a river, lake or sea. You may also choose between swimming in saltwater or in freshwater. If you are going to ask the older generation about it, they would just say that during their time such an activity is just called “swimming”. You do not have to be in Europe to be able to go wild swimming in Swiss rivers. Just look for the nearest river or lake near you, invite your friends and then challenge everyone to go wet and wild with wild swimming! 


Engaging in outdoor recreation is no doubt a wonderful thing. It gives people a temporary break from the use of mobile gadgets. Besides, it is also an effective way to improve one’s health and develop environmental consciousness. But, whatever outdoor activity you choose, make sure it is age-appropriate, especially if you will be doing it with your family. Do not forget as well all the safety precautions that needed to be in place before, during and after your chosen outdoor activity. 

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