Set Trail Cameras Without Busting Your Season

How to Set Summer Scouting Camera Sets

Velvet Buck Trail Camera

Scout better with these scouting camera tips

Deer season is fast approaching and if you haven’t already pinned down those bucks that you’re after, I’m sure that you’ve put out cameras for them. Trail or scouting cameras have made scouting easier and quicker than ever before, but they’ve also let hunters become lazy and can blow your season. Big bucks don’t tolerate pressure, so make sure that you set your cameras the right way so that you don’t bust your season.

Summer Trail Camera Tips

Set Scouting Cameras in the Right Location to Kill Your Best Buck Ever

There are many outdoorsman who couldn’t hunt or scout without a trail camera, but these awesome inventions also blow many a season before they start. Hunter traipse through the woods with no regard for deer behavior and once a big buck smells you in their primary area, you can kiss that deer goodbye. A deer doesn’t know the difference between when you’re sitting in a stand or putting out a camera, so before you blow your buck into the next town, follow this advice.


1. Set Cameras away from bedding areas near food or bait (if legal)

2. Put Cameras where you can easily get in and out undetected

3. Set Cameras in a spot where you will not intrude on deer or their behaviors

4. Check your camera during mid-day, preferably before a rain storm to wash scent away

5. Don’t check the camera more often than necessary (every 2 weeks at most)

6. Pay attention to wind direction and don’t let your scent blow into bedding areas

Don’t ruin your hunting season before it even starts by tipping off the bucks on your property. Use your scouting cameras to take inventory of the deer on the land so that you know what you want to shoot when it walks by. The deer patterns will change as the food sources and weather does, so you’ll have plenty of time to find your next wall-hanger the rest of the Fall.

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