Safer Topwater Baits for Kids and Fish

Safer Topwater Baits for Kids and Fish

MicroCritter Fishing Lure

The new MicroCritter barbless topwater baits from Rebel Lures offer a safer way for kids to fish

Most of us use the same types of fishing lures that people have been using for years, with barbs. There are many anglers out there though that have gone to barbless hooks because they offer a little bit more of a challenge and they are safer for the release of fish. Barbless hooks are also great for kids (and many adults) and can save you a trip to the emergency room or a painful day. The new MicroCritters lineup of topwater baits offers the same quality fishing lures for adults in a smaller, barbless version for kids.

Kid Friendly Fishing Lures

The new MicroCritters lineup from Rebel Lures offers barbless hook topwater baits like the MicroCrawfish, MicroMinnow, MicroHopper and MicroPop-R in a kid sized version. These all come with just one single, barbless hook instead of the treble hooks found on full-size models.

Barbless Topwater Fishing Lures

The line was created with the insight that children need tackle that not only looks as good as the lures that adults use, but offers that same quality. This tackle does that and is the same except that it’s easier for small hands to manipulate and much, much safer.

“We talk about these lures being safer for kids to use, but they’re also better for the fish, too,” said general manager Bruce Stanton. “With easier hook removal, a youngster can get the fish back into the water faster, ensuring it’s there to help create another angler in the future.”

The lineup is set to debut at ICAST next week (July 16-18), the MicroCritters series will be available this fall.

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