Robots and Hunting

Robots and Hunting

By: Chuck Granade

The stalk is on.
The wind is perfect.
The predator is smartly approaching the unsuspecting prey.
The weapon of choice? Convenience.
The prey? The Tradition of Hunting.


Never before has our storied tradition of hunting rooted in ethics, hard work and balanced conservation been so threatened by such a well-camouflaged foe; emerging technologies.  


Remember the first generation of smartphones? They looked more like a modern 35mm point-and-shoot camera than the Android or iPhone you probably own today. They were bulky – and buggy at times but they also changed how we interact the world around us forever. We’re at the beginning of a greater innovation wave with emerging technologies and the hunting industry urgently needs to spark a conversation driven by passionate brands, industry influencers, and stewards of our sport. Otherwise, we’ll fall prey to uncontrollable change and subsequently tip the scales towards the hunter like no time in history since the industrial revolution innovation of black powder firearms from bows and spears.

When smartphones erupted into the market, industries pivoted to integrate including a smattering of well-known brands like Facebook, YouTube, AirBnB, Pinterest, Google, Uber, Instagram, and Twitter. Not only did it change brands, it also had a tremendous effect on the job market and economy. An entire ecosystem of supporting brands, content creators, and consumers sprouted up. Our lives have been completely changed forever as a result of smartphones and the brands supporting mobile technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Drones, Mixed Reality (MR), Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain are a few emerging technologies with underserved markets (like hunting and conservation) poised for massive disruption. The result of not preparing our industry and supporting brands for the approaching title wave of emerging tech change will be a larger gap in the socio-economic divide. It isn’t about drones per se, but the convergence, accessibility and processing ability emerging technologies will have on the world around us. Just like the early smartphones did.


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Article credits to CRRNT and Chuck Granade


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