Realtree Camo Shoes from Merrell

Realtree Camo Shoes from Merrell

Merrell Realtree Jungle Moc

The Merrell Realtree Jungle Moc is a great slip-on camo shoe for all occasions.

Are you sick of walking out to the mailbox in the morning in your bare feet? Or driving to your favorite hunting spot in sandals before switching to boots? Well there is now no need to worry again because Merrell has come out with shoes that are not only slip on, but are also Realtree camo. We all know how much of a drag it can be to bend over and tie our shoes, but these don’t need it. Your gut will never get in the way of your morning newspaper and coffee again!

The Realtree XTRA Jungle Moc is a perfect camo shoe for any occasion and goes well with robes, underwear, slacks, jeans and your favorite suit.

These shoes are comfortable, rugged, waterproof for those rainy days in the driveway and are covered completely in Realtree camouflage. They also feature FRESH technology to fight your funky foot odors that accompany most men over 30.

Check out these great slip on camo shoes from Merrell . The Realtree Camo Shoes by Merrell will be long-lasting and won’t break down like your other slip-on shoes.

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