Realtree Athletic Shoes- Old Dominion

Realtree Athletic Shoes- Old Dominion

Realtree Camo Athletic Shoes

The Realtree Athletic shoes by Old Dominion look great and are comfortable for every day wear

These days you can find Realtree Camo on nearly everything, but this is the first I’ve seen them on athletic shoes. The new style from Old Dominion features Realtree Xtra Green in the men’s shoes and Realtree Girl colors with orange or hot pink. The shoes are light-weight and flexible so that you’ll be able to run in them and wear them in the gym. They also look very cool and are perfect for hiking and general all-day wear. Check out the Realtree Athletic Shoes by Old Dominion here at the Realtree website.¬†

Old Dominion’s Realtree Xtra Camo shoes have molded EVA compression outsoles and a rubberized upper so they will not wear out fast and will be able to handle all the concrete you can throw at them. The shoes are extremely breathable, which any runner will appreciate but they also provide exceptional comfort and support. The footbed of the shoe is made out of memory foam and has a premium arch support as well, so you could fall asleep in these puppies just because you forgot you left them on.

Pink Camo Athletic Shoes

Ladies will love the Mamba style in the orange and hot pink colors and these are also available in youth sizes. Be sure to check out these new Realtree Camo Athletic Shoes from Old Dominion and other great Realtree products on

Pink Camo Shoes

The Realtree Girl camo shoes from Old Dominion come in Hot Pink and Orange Colors


Orange Camo Shoe

The men’s Realtree camo athletic shoes from Old Dominion are available in a cool, bright orange color


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