Are Rattle or Silent Crankbaits better for Bass?

Are Rattle or Silent Crankbaits better for Bass?

Rattle Vs. Silent Crankbaits

There are different situations where it’s better to use rattle crankbaits than a silent one to catch big bass

Crankbaits are some of the most popular lures on the water and for good reason. They seem to perform in almost any situation and anglers have their choice of hundreds of different kinds. Most people determine which crankbait to use based on color and the depth at which it dives, not by the sound it makes. This however, is one of the most important factors in choosing a crankbait. So, the real question is are rattle or silent crankbaits better for bass?

When asking the question, are rattle or silent crankbaits better for bass, you need to look at several different things. Sound is important in catching a fish’s attention, but it can also deter the fish from biting in some cases. Check out these situations to see if you’re using the right bait for the job.

Schools of Fish

When you’re fishing large schools of fish, try using the crankbait with a rattle first. There are a lot of fish in one are that are competing for food, so you want to make sure you get the attention of the largest fish right away. A rattle on a bait will help attract attention from the bigger fish right away since they know they’ll need to compete. If the fish stop biting the crank with a rattle, try a silent one for a while.

Open Water Fishing

If you’re fishing bass on a point, hump or drop in a lake with little or no cover, silent baits can work very well. These fish can see a bait from a ways away and if they detect the lure, they may not need the rattle. Where there is a lot of cover, sometimes fish will wait for the noise to come by before striking it, but if they can see it for a while, there’s no need for a rattle.

Fishing Grass

Bass tend to lay in thick grass and rattles work well in this type of vegetation. Sometimes when you’re ripping a crank off of a hung up piece of grass, a strike will happen since the bass thinks it’s something in the grass. When the rattle pops after coming off of the grass, that really gets the fish going.

What are some of your best fishing tips for big bass?

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