Rare Black Fawn Photos- User Submission

Black Fawn

Rare Black Fawn

This rare black fawn was caught on camera. The fawn looks similar to a doberman

These photos were sent in by a user and we are glad that he did. This is a very rare black fawn. Similar to an albino, this deer is completely black and looks to have dark eyes as well. Albino deer are all white and have no pigment and pink eyes and this deer is just the opposite. I personally, have never heard of one before but never the less, here it is. I think the Black Fawn looks similar to a dog, kind of like a doberman. Wisconsin has a decent size herd of albino deer, and I’m not sure where these photos came from, but hopefully we’ll see some more soon.

Black Whitetail Deer

Black Whitetail deer fawn

Black Whitetail deer fawn interacts with it’s normal family of colored deer.

Black Fawns

This black fawn is obviously genetically different from the rest of it’s family of normal colored deer

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