Rage Hypodermic Broadhead Review

Rage Hypodermic Broadhead Review

Rage Hypodermic Broadhead Review

The Rage Hypodermic Broadhead Review shows what a great expandable head can do to an animal

The Rage Hypodermic broadhead is a two blade broadhead that is surgically sharp and has a needlepoint head. Similar to the Rage 2-blade broadhead, the Rage Hypodermic 2-Blade broadhead has a smaller diameter and a point at the tip that is very, very sharp, like the hypodermic needle where it derives it’s name from. The Rage Hypodermic broadhead is a rear-delploying head that has a 2-inch cutting diameter when the blades deploy. I’ve seen this thing in action and when you hit an animal in the sweet spot, they tend to not run very far and tracking is as easy as ever with the massive blood trails. Check out the full Rage Hypodermic Broadhead Review below. You can buy the Hypodermic head here. 

Rage Hypodermic 2-Blade Broadhead

Rage hypodermic 2 blade broadhead

The Rage Hypodermic 2-blade broadhead is a rear deploying broadhead that has a 2 inch cutting diameter

The Rage Hypodermic 2-blade broadhead keeps it’s two blades hiding during the flight of the arrow and they are locked in by a plastic shock collar. The normal Rage 2-blade broadhead uses a rubber collar, so the plastic one is a newer development. When the broadhead hits the animal, the blades break free of the plastic collar and deploy out of the rear end of the broadhead. Once the blades are out, they lock into place with a 2-inch cutting diameter and this is where the head does the major damage that Rage is known for.

Rage Hyopdermic 2-Blade Broadhead Review

Rage Hypodermic

Rage Hypodermic broadheads expand to 2 inches which leaves massive entrance and exit holes.

Some of the best attributes of the Rage Hypodermic Broadhead are below:

    • Super sharp tip for deep puncture
    • Very wide and lethal 2-inch cut
    • Small diameter so that it flies similar, if not completely, like a field point
    • Extremely sharp blades

Rage Hypodermic Broadhead Success

Rage Exit Hole

This is the exit hole on a buck that was shot by a Rage 2 Blade Hypodermic Broadhead

I’ve been using Rage Broadheads for a long time and have never had any issues with them. I’ve also watched every deer I’ve ever shot with them fall and die. With every product, you’re going to have differing opinions, but mine is that these heads work really well when the shot placement is good. Further more, if the shot is off, these can save you and can cause massive blood loss when you may not have otherwise recovered a deer.

Rage Expandable Broadhead Reviews

Rage Hypodermic review

The Rage Hypodermic review shows the type of results you can expect from using a Rage Hypodermic broadhead

The photos here show that the entrance and exit holes of these deer shot with the Rage Hypodermic Broadhead are incredible and the blood trails are very easy to follow. If you are looking to use an expandable head, then there is really nothing better out there than the Rage heads.

Rage Hypodermic Expandable Broadhead

Rage 2 Blade Head

This Rage 2-blade head was a complete pass through on a buck that the author killed earlier this season. That deer ran only 20 yards and tipped over.

The Rage Hypodermic Broadhead is one of the latest heads to come from the company paving the way in expandable broadheads. With the surgically sharp tip and blades and the devastating entrance and exit holes, this broadhead is potentially one of the most lethal out on the market. Vise the Rage website here to purchase the Rage Hypodermic Broadhead.

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