Rage Broadheads Review

Rage Broadheads Review

Rage Broadhead Hole

Rage Broadheads have a reputation for leaving behind big holes and big bloodtrails

All summer long people are sharpening their skills as bow-hunters by shooting countless numbers of arrows and making sure that their equipment is in top-notch shape. Dialing in your bow and putting the arrows where you want them to go are both essential steps in harvesting a deer and having a lethal, strong broad head is important as well. Having the right broadhead can determine whether you get a clean harvest or wound the buck of your dreams. Luckily for us, we have Rage Broadheads to use and this review shows why they are what I choose when I head out to the woods. 

Best Expandable Broadhead Available


Rage Broadhead Review

The Rage Broadhead Review shows that these broad heads are deadly and can knock down any large animal.

Rage broadheads are some of the best broad heads in the industry. They are incredibly sharp, expandable heads that have a history of providing massive blood trails. Rage Broadheads offer two-blade and three-blade broadheads for large game and also have broadheads for turkeys as well. Their expandable heads are known for an extremely wide-cutting surface which will deliver a greater blow to the animal and will help bring it down faster with a greater loss of blood.

My personal favorite for deer hunting is the 3 blade model because I have used them first hand and they have always performed above expectations. I have yet to wound a deer since I switched over to these broadheads and the blood trails that they leave behind make any tracking job a short one. With a 1.5 inch cutting diameter these heads put quite a hole in an animal.

Expandable Vs. Fixed Blade Debate

Another reason for Rage’s high level of success is that the blades deploy from the rear, which allows the broadhead to not lose power upon impact. The rear deployment also allows for the blades to fully open on impact. This leaves a very large entry hole so blood flows out quickly, making it easier for you to follow-up on the blood trail.

Now, we all know that the debate between expandable and fixed blade heads is a brutal one and tensions typically flare high during these talks. I want to say that there are always going to be wounded animals with any weaponry, but in my opinion, the Rage Broadheads have performed very well for me and I choose to shoot them any day over any other head up to this point.

Rage is a great company with tons of different options to suit your needs. You can find Rage products at many outdoor shops and retailers nationwide or you can order their broad heads here on their website. 

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