QAD Ultra-Rest HD Pro Series: Product Review

QAD Ultra-Rest HD Pro Series Review

QAD Drop Away Rest

The QAD Ultra Rest HD Drop Away Arrow Rest is a Great Arrow Rest for anyone Who Wants a Quiet, Accurate Shot.

A few years back I bought a new bow and did a good amount of research on some of the accessories available to make the best setup possible. It did not take too long before I stumbled upon QAD and their drop away rests and I was blown away by the quality of their product. I had never used a drop-away rest before, but the QAD drop away rest made this transition very easy.

One quality that really stood out to me about this rest was the ability to have my arrow on the rest and push up on the thumb wheel. This ensured that my arrow would not fall off the rest and that it would be ready for me to fire whenever I needed it to be. I had previously shot a Whisker Biscuit arrow rest and was used to having this, so I wanted to make sure that my new rest allowed this feature as well.

QAD Ultra-Rest Drop Away Rest

QAD Ultra Rest HDDrop away rests are very quiet compared to other rests on the market, but the QAD rest is even more quiet thanks to harmonic dampers reducing vibration noises while shooting. The Full-draw indicator marks ensure proper launcher position at full draw, so that you know your shots will be accurate.

The QAD ultra-rest is very easy to adjust and fits a wide variety of bows. This is a quality product that offers a lifetime warranty and is made right here in U.S.A. You can find tons of positive reviews online for this rest and you’ll have a difficult time beating it out if you’re shopping for a new drop-away.

QAD Drop Away Arrow Rest

The QAD Ultra-Rest HD is available at Cabelas for $139.99. Don’t pass up on a rest that will be dependable at the moment you need it be. Make sure that you stay up to date on the latest hunting gear and outdoor news here at

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