Product Review: Predator Camo Fleece Jacket

Predator Camo Fleece Jacket

Late season hunting in Northern states can be brutally cold and I know first hand what it feels like

Predator Camo Fleece Jacket

Predator Camo Fleece Jacket in Brown Deception color is quiet and warm

to freeze your ass off in a tree stand. For this type of weather, you need a warm jacket and Predator Camo has the perfect one. The Predator Camo Fleece Jacket has 380 grams of heavyweight fleece, is super quiet so no animal will hear you, has an elastic drawstring for the perfect fit and has four zipper pockets. The best thing about this jacket though, is the pattern. The brown deception Predator Camo pattern is one of the best on the market for tree stand hunters and the deer will never see you up in that tree.

Great Bow-Hunting Jacket

You can get your very own deception brown fleece jacket on the Predator Camo website, where they have many other great products as well.

PJ Cashman

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