Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp Review

Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp Review

Princeton Tec Sync Review

The Princeton Tec Sync headlamp is the perfect tool for hiking, hunting, tracking, fishing and climbing when it’s dark out.

Princeton Tec Sync Review

Headlamps area a virtual necessity for anyone that participates in outdoor activities. Whether you’re hiking or camping, climbing or boating, and even hunting or fishing, at some point you’re going to find yourself in the dark. Tracking, skinning and quartering animals is so much easier with a headlamp than by the light of the moon and tying fishing knots in the morning couldn’t be more difficult in the dark. Luckily, there are many great headlamp choices on the market and the Sync from Princeton Tec is one of them. Read more on this Princeton Tec Sync headlamp review below. See the Sync on the Princeton Tec website. Buy it on Amazon.  

Princeton Tec Headlamp

Sync Headlamp Review

The Princeton Tec Sync headlamp offers up to 150 hours of light for the user.

The Princeton Tec Sync headlamp offers five different brightness levels that I found really nice. When hiking to places in the woods, I didn’t need the brightest level, so to save battery I just turned it on low and could easily see where I was going. There is even a red light mode that’s perfect to not affect your night vision. With the brightest modes, you can see up to 58 meters away, which is really far. To put this into perspective, if you’re on the water or in a field, you’ll be like a spotlight and it will be as bright as your vehicle headlights.

Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp Battery Power

The battery life on the Princeton Tec Sync headlamp is astounding. You get up to 125 hours on low, which is what you’ll need most of the time. The headlamp uses 3 AAA batteries, so it’s cheap and lightweight. When you do need more light, you can simply flip the switch to spot beam, flood beam or red LED and can output 90 lumens. If your boat were to break down and you needed a light, this would easily serve that purpose. Low setting offer 20 lumens and a wide beam.

Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp Brightness

One of the nice things about this particular headlight is the adjustability of it. You can rotate the head to fit your hat, head size and view. If you want to point it down or up, it’s simple and it is very comfortable on your head as well.

Sync Headlight Review

The Princeton Tec Sync is made right here in the U.S.A. and is sure to serve just about any purpose that you can think of in the outdoors. I know that I’ll be using mine a lot during hunting season to track and skin out deer and will bring it with me on any camping trips. Having a headlight can literally be a lifesaver and hopefully this Princeton Tec Sync headlamp review will show you what you need in a quality headlamp.

Buy the Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp

You can purchase the Sync headlamp online here for $25.99.

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