Primos Power Crystal Turkey Call

Primos Power Crystal Turkey Call

Primos Power Crystal

The Primos Power Crystal Turkey Call is a great call for any turkey hunter

With turkey season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to pick up a product that will surely increase your success in bagging a big Tom. The Primos Power Crystal call is the perfect call to add to your arsenal and since it’s available for only $25.99 on Amazon. This product offers many great features that will help you fill your tag with a big spring gobbler.

Primos Power Crystal Turkey Call Review

The Primos Power Crystal Turkey call has a crystal surface that makes calling easy for anyone. This surface produces a call that peaks at up to 15,000 hz and is Primos’s top high-pitched call that they offer. The crystal surface and acoustics from the internal soundboard, deliver a high pitch that can reach long ranges. The ease of use an high-tech surface have made this one of Primo’s best selling calls year after year and a staple for hardcore turkey hunters.

The Primos Power Crystal also comes with a striker, conditioning pad, super abrasive sandpaper, and is also available with a wet weather striker. Once you are able to condition this call to your liking, it will make for a great call for any hunter regardless of experience level.

Here is a video from Primos showing you how to condition your call, use your call, and a few other tips and tricks.

Coming in at a price of $25.99 the Power Crystal is a great buy for all turkey hunters and is available on Primos’ website and Be sure to pick up this call if you’re planning on heading out this spring for some long beards.

Best of luck to you turkey hunters and do not forget to submit your pictures of the bird you’re going to kill to We looking forward to seeing some big toms!

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