Bring the Trail with you all Day with this Hat from Prana

Prana Beckett Trucker Hat Review

Prana Beckett Trucker Hat

This stylish Beckett trucker hat from Prana has an outdoor style with a woods and trail scene.

Outdoorsman don’t get much credit when it comes to style and sometimes it is for good reason. I’m sure that many of your wives or girlfriends have asked you to dress nicer, or trendier. Well, today we are here to help. While this hat may not satisfy your entire outfit needs, the Beckett Trucker hat from Prana is stylish AND every outdoorsman will love the woodland print. 

Prana Trucker Hat

Prana Trucker Hat

Cool outdoorsy trucker hats are in and this one from Prana is a great buy and is very stylish.

Trucker hats are in and whether you’re wearing this with a flannel in the fall, t-shirt in the summer or on the beach on the weekends, you’re sure to turn some heads. Prana has some really cool clothing that is active outdoor enthusiasts love due to it’s durability, look and feel and this hat fits all of those categories.

  • The Gear: Prana Beckett Trucker Hat
  • Price: $30
  • Where to test it?: Anywhere you where a hat
  • Who’s it for?: Anyone who wants to look good
  • Where to Buy?: Prana Website or Amazon 

Woodland Photo Trucker Hat

Outdoor Trucker Hats

Get an outdoor trucker hat to rock with your flannel shirts the next time you’re hiking or hanging out on the beach.

With a snap back and mesh to keep your head cool, the Prana Beckett Trucker hat fits most heads. The print on the front gives you the perfect fall snapshot that reminds you of elk hunting, hiking and camping all in one.

Prana Outdoor Clothing and Hats

Do yourself a favor and check out Prana’s full line of clothing on their website. If you love the outdoors (which you do) and doing activities outside, then this brand is sure to be what you’re looking for. You can order the Prana Beckett Trucker Hat on their website here or on Amazon.

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