Possible Giant Iowa Buck, Likely a Hoax

Possible Giant Iowa Buck Likely a Hoax

A couple weeks ago we put out a story about a possible world record Iowa buck that was shot this past fall. There has been some news though on the Internet saying that this buck is likely a big hoax.While this buck could have been a seriously impressive addition to some hunter’s wall and to the record books, it looks like the whole story is made up. The Boone and Crocket club recently posted this message to their Facebook Page: along with the photo below.

World Record Buck Hoax

An Iowa Giant turns out to be a hoax

“There’s been a photo of a potential world record buck circulating around on the net. Its rack is suspiciously similar to a set of sheds found by a friend of B&C. We aren’t 100% sure it is a hoax, but one or more of these photos definitely is. We’ll leave it up to you to decide.”

The buck on the right is the Kansas Prince buck, which were sheds that were found. You can see the similarities but to make it even easier, Black Creek Taxidermy photographed a picture with the sheds as how they were in the blurry hunter photo.

World Record Buck a Hoax

The Boone and Crocket Club is having some fun with the joke though and are now calling the deer the buck “formerly known as Prince.”

Read more about the original story here.

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