Pictures or Videos on Your Trail Camera?

Video or Photos in your Trail Camera?

Big Buck Trail Cam photo

Do you use video or photos on your trail camera?

Most, if not all of us have trail cameras on the property or properties that we hunt. On most trail cameras, you can choose the option of either having it take short video clips or photo bursts. The majority of people use photo bursts, but it seems to me that more and more hunters are turning to the video function of the camera. We have been debating the differences between both and wanted to weigh our options on what the right choice is for getting your biggest buck yet.

Video Trail Camera

Having your trail camera set to video is now easy and convenient with the technology that is now in a trail or field camera. The camera shows the deer’s habits, what way the came from and can show more detail than just one photo. Having the video on there may show you a characteristic of a buck, that you otherwise never would have learned. I believe that video is a good option and if you don’t like to save or study your photos, it’s great for learning the behaviors of white tails.

Photo Trail Camera

Trail Camera Pictures

Whether you use a video or photo function, trail cameras can help you scout big bucks

Personally, this is the option that I choose. I do this for several reasons, but one is space. Photos on a camera take up less space than video and I find that I get a lot of garbage photos. These are doe, birds, grass and sticks and sunlight affecting my camera. I don’t want to film this, I just want to get photos of the bucks. I also enjoy saving the good photos and studying the deer year after year to see how they grow. Finding sheds to bucks that you have seen and have pictures of is what I love to do and this allows me to do exactly that.

As you can see, both options have their benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you to choose what you enjoy with a trail camera, and each person has their personal preferences.

Make this your best hunting season ever and get your biggest buck yet by putting in the time it takes to find him.

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